The Chronicles of G-Land

relates what really happened to the headland and the bay at the tip of South East Java, commencing in the 15th century to the present time. The history of the region, however, predates the ‘Age of Discovery’ and European Imperialism and reaches beyond the Austronesian Majapahit Kingdom which spanned maritime South East Asia from Sumatra in the west to Papua in the east. The unique landscape where the chronicles are centred has evolved gradually since the dawn of time and is a home for wild animals and biodiverse vegetation with certain types of flora considered endangered species.

Dian has passionately pursued her G-Land book project, polishing our golden memories of the early surf adventure/travellers discovery of the world’s BEST left hand point break during the golden era of the 1970’s. Her dedication to this unique place in our surfing universe is something for which we should all be grateful for. 🙏🙏🙏 🎥

Humans over time have marked themselves in this locale as being disruptive and in many instances destructive agents of change impacting not only the flora and fauna but the whole regional ecology including its economic and socio cultural aspects at large. 

King Brawijaya the final ruler of the largest Kingdom in all of South East Asia completed his last dance early in the 15th century, among his many legacies is a pilgrimage site left overgrown and hidden deep in the forest of Alas Purwo.

“Dian’s exhaustive research has uncovered hidden secrets and sheds light on what happened behind the scenes on our epic trips in the early days, awesome stories. Five stars!"

In the beginning of the 19th century the Dutch partied hard over the forests ample natural resources before they decided to preserve it in the face of over exploitation.

Fast forward to the middle of the 20th century, when travelling surfers brought their own idiosyncratic behaviours fuelled by their eccentric blend of ‘surf fever’ to commune with mother nature, in what has now become a pilgrimage site of a different kind, well preserved in its semi remote habitat.

“A fascinating story of a Javanese jungle boy who helped Mike Boyum establish the first surf camp in the world and stayed till the end. Dian’s book reveals unknown gems buried behind the true history of G-Land.”

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