The Author

Dian Hadiani

Dian Hadiani was born in Bandung, West Java, December 3, 1967.
She received university degrees in Culinary Art as well as Marketing Management.

She has been writing creatively for the past two decades as part of her work in the diverse fields of marketing and communications. Press releases, advertising editorials, as well as contributing writer for magazines are all roles Dian has filled in her professional career.

She has self-published the Witty Little Artist children’s book series. Dian is also an autodidact artist, using charcoal, acrylic, water colour, and water soluble wax for her artwork. 

Dian established a writing club, where she mentors, and edits the scripts of its members. A few of the members have gone on to become credentialed journalists of major news portals and authors.

She found contentment in outdoor nature based activities, and was introduced to surfing in 2000 when she visited Cimaja, West Java.

Dian has never shied away from controversy or the truth in her detailed investigation of particular issues which fire her passions. For The Chronicles of G-Land, she conducted extensive research and painstakingly validated all information which she skilfully weaves through the narrative.

Some threads in her rich tapestry of stories have led to the rediscovery of long-lost facts about Alas Purwo National Park.

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